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Six Things to Consider When Buying a Truck
There’s a reason Americans love pickup trucks. They have lots to offer, from power to style to utility. But before you jump into buying a truck, there are a few things to know. Here’s what to consider when choosing a truck.
Fuel Economy
How much does efficiency matter to you? If you want as much as possible, then you should consider buying a smaller truck. Smaller trucks with a lighter weight have better fuel efficiencies than bigger trucks with a heavier weight.

Towing Capacity
How much do you plan on transporting with your truck? Whether you’ll need to transport cargo in your truck bed or tow it behind you, you’ll need power. Heavy duty trucks give you the most power, therefore you’ll be able to tow more with them.

It can be easy to overdo it with pickup trucks because of all the accessories available. Make sure to take into account what you need and what you want. You might love extra features, but your budget might not.
Drive Platform
What drive platform do you want? Pickup trucks often come between rear-wheel drive, 4WD, or AWD. They all have different benefits. Four-wheel drive typically works best in tough road situations, so if you need a lot of traction, it’s the way to go.

Cab Size
How many passengers do you need to transport? Cabs can come to seat three or five, depending on what you want.

Cargo Bed
How long do you want your cargo bed to be? This goes along with the cab size, since typically, the longer the cab is, the shorter the cargo bed.​ 
If you have a good idea of what you want out of the above, it might be easier to choose what type of truck you want, whether it’s compact or full-sized. Check out our full inventory to find the perfect truck for you!

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